Thursday, July 7, 2011

New website new blog

Now that my new website is up and running and my designer has coordinated all of my social networking sites with my web design, I feel like the business is really taking off. I have lacked the time lately to sew much though. Between my craft show this past weekend and the drive to TN to visit my family and the twins and my 2-year old, time really doesn't allow for much. Right now all of the babies are napping so I can do some computer work. My mom's friend, Robert, is fixing her sewing machine table/cabinet so that I can sew while here. It was damaged in her move from WA state back home here in TN. I certainly will find time to sew while here as I'll be staying for the entire month of July.

Here is my list that I'd like to work on for the month:
  • 15 soda cozies in Chief Illiniwek fabric (out of print and impossible to find because the Chief was banned a few years ago)
  • 10 more make up pouches that I call my "Anastasia pouch". These are cut out already - I just need to cut out the decor bond and iron those pieces do the pouch fabric pieces. That is the only time consuming part. Sewing those actually doesn't take too much time. 
  • A drawstring golf ball bag in each of the three golf ball fabrics I have along with matching reusable baggies that are large enough to fit both a sandwich and a snack/fruit. My mother in law graciously ordered 10 of each of these for a golf tournament in Europe and she believes I should make samples for our local golf clubs here. This means that I really need three of each as we have multiple golf clubs in our area. I hope that goes well. I have a friend who knows the person in charge of them all so hopefully that "in" will give me a leg up. 
  • My own purse - I want a purse that I can use everywhere. I have three kids. I need a big purse but I truly RARELY use my diaper bag unless taking the babies to my sitter for the day or going for a full day outing, which really doesn't happen since the twins are still so small and we don't have a double or triple stroller. I am debating how I want it to look, the pockets on the inside and outside, etc. Do I want a magnetic snap or a zipper? Any ideas? What do you like about your purse and what would you change?

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