Friday, July 15, 2011

Chilling a Bottle of Wine

I realize not everyone is a wine drinker, my mom for example. But she appreciates the art of a good bottle of wine, once it's empty. We traditionally save the really stunning bottles for her "art" in her house. It's actually not a bad idea. But, for those who actually drink it, you need a good way to keep your white wines cold. Okay. No I haven't lost my senses. Yes refrigerators still exist. However, we all know that sometimes we want that bottle close to the table. Or, what if you are having a romantic picnic and have brought along a chilled bottle of wine.

For this reason, I designed wine cozies. I really cannot spend the money needed for the traditional and beautiful wine chillers (more on this later). So, I simply measured a traditional bottle and scaled the pattern to fit - I just enlarged my soda cozy pattern. It really wasn't that difficult. I made the bottom a little larger as well. Here is the result:

I do so love this fabric for all things wine-related. (I also made gift bags.) Here are all of my cozies and gift bags for sale.

For those of you more inclined to the traditional method of chilling your wine, I took the time to briefly search Etsy (my personal favorite place for all things handmade). Here are three that caught my eye especially:

Ice or Wine Bucket designed with glass gems and silver wire - $38 (a great price really)

Utensil holder ice bucket or chiller for chardonnay - $65 (for handmade pottery, this is a wonderful price. I have seen buckets such as this for more in department stores that I highly doubt were handmade)

Hand Painted Waterford Crystal Champagne Wine Chiller Bucket - Classic White and Silver Roses - $148.95 - the priciest of the three but exceptionally beautiful work and come on, it's Waterford Crystal!

I personally will stick with my own cozies but if I ever wanted to buy something more traditional, as a gift per se, these are the one's I'd consider.


  1. What a wonderful idea you have with your wine cozies !! and very cute about your mom and the wine :)

    Thank you very much for mentioning my wine chiller here on your blog! I hope our paths cross again -- Cheers to the Sales Fairy!

  2. You are so welcome! I think mom's "collection" is quite funny, especially considering she doesn't drink wine.