Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sewing Room

The way to attract followers is certainly to blog more often than once every six weeks! I hope it is well understood that I do not have a lot of time right now to keep up with blogging but I hope to get better. Now that I will have a sewing area, I hope I can find a few moments to sew a couple days a week and thus have something about which I can blog. I do have projects I need to work on but time really doesn't allow for it between the needs of my three little ones and household responsibilities.

Nonetheless, an idea popped in my head recently on a sleepless night to create a sewing room in an end of my master bedroom. This would simultaneously clear out furniture and organizing carts, etc., from our living room, thereby giving our three growing sons more room to play. Once the furniture was cleared from the living room, my plan was to move around the remaining furniture in that room and open it up more. It's amazing how simply moving things around brightens up a room.

In addition to my moving the sewing things upstairs to the master bedroom from the living room, I'll be getting a sewing table for cutting built by a close friend and a sewing table for my two machines found by that same friend at a local yard sale! I don't have these pieces yet so I cannot use the area I have created but when it is finished, it will be simply divine! So here are the first three photos of my area in progress:

The empty furniture with bags and stacks of fabric and supplies

More fabric and supplies - the empty space you see will be home to the tables - the cutting table will go in front of the window and radiator because it will be taller and it won't interfere with the radiator. We have an old-style boiler heating system so the hot-water powered heat simply comes out of the wall through that radiator.

Finished in 2 hours. And, true to my family's fashion, pictures everywhere. The only part not organized is a couple of bags of scraps and other items to be "upcycled." I'll be creating bins for these and placing the bins underneath the cutting table. My shipping supplies will not be under this table you see either. They will be on a shelf on my cutting table for a "shipping center of sorts."