Monday, October 17, 2011

Busy mama!

I really must get better at posting, not that anyone reads these posts. But writing, I think, much like music, is therapeutic for me. So here's what's been going on lately:

  1. Shows are going strong for the rest of the year. I am going to be participating in 3rd Saturday shows in Arthur, IL for the rest of the year, as well as a Homestead Show in Arthur. This is a local town with a high Amish population and I love it. I will also be doing two shows in Mt. Zion, IL. In addition to those, I'll be showing in Bloomington, IL and a Band craft show and here in Decatur at an elementary school bazaar.
  2. Sewing - oh lordy brother. This is hard to find time for. But I am starting to find time in the afternoon to sew and so I've just finished a stack of Anastasia pouches, the small size for make-up. I am going to work on a larger size too. I also cut and have started sewing 81 flash drive cozies. 
  3. Networking - this has been a huge dedication of time for me lately, and one I've enjoyed. I now have a friend to accompany me to my shows and have also found a wonderful group of mamas online who have their own businesses too. It's really great to find these people to network with and to discuss new ideas and help spread the word about our creations! 
  4. Oh and my babies. They are SO cute! Liam has been crawling for a full month and Kristoffer just started crawling today. Niklas is reaping the benefits of his twin baby brothers getting older and settling into a better routine by getting more mommy time. The babies are finally starting to sleep and wake together which allows me to give Niklas that much-needed mommy time. And, it helps with his behavior because he still feels special. Can't beat that! :)
And here is my proudest moment of late, with regard to the business anyway:

"I got my key fob today and it is GORGEOUS! The quality is amazing- not that I expected anything less! Thanks again. I love it! It will get a ton of use, I'm sure."

That was a comment from the winner of my giveaway on my FB page.  Don't forget to "like" my FB page because that is where you are sure to find out about giveaways and discount codes.

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